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I resolve consumer debt collection problems and in doing so stop or minimize the prospect of garnishment of wages and assets. I aggressively defend clients from creditor collection demands and lawsuits and reduce client’s exposure to liability by crafting meaningful debt resolution agreements that set my clients up to succeed with manageable and sustainable terms that are within the client’s reach and similarly viewed as reasonable and appropriate by the creditor. If you want creditors to take you seriously, and to stop harassing you then let a seasoned attorney dedicated specifically to this area of practice with over two decades of combined creditor/debtor litigation and relief experience be on your side and advocate on your behalf.

I respond to the letters, answer the summons and complaint, represent client’s in court and ask pointed questions about the sustainability of the claim and demand to see their documents and proofs or to leverage favorable relief terms. Your creditor has invested in seasoned debt collectors and attorneys seeking to collect on the claim quickly and aggressively. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage for lack unfamiliarity with debt collection practices and litigation processes. Utilize attorney services in responding to debt collection demands.

I enjoy the opportunity to represent the little guy in getting debt collectors off the consumer back so that my clients’ can get back on track with their life and breathe a sigh of relief as they regain certainty and peace of mind. The attorney affiliation decision just may be the best call and decision you make today. Don’t allow another minute pass with inaction. Believe in your yourself. Don’t give up. Just because you may owe the debt doesn’t mean that the debtor collector is relieved of presenting their position or do as they chose.

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