Debt Validation

Instances of people being bothered by collection activity for invalid debts are fairly common, and the process of invalidating such debts might seem daunting to most. Fortunately, getting professional assistance to tackle the problem might be simpler and more affordable than you think.

At LPG, our experts in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offer just the protection that consumers need when they face debt collection efforts by original creditors or third-party collectors.

What You Need to Do

Once you receive a debt collector’s notice, it is important that you respond to it as quickly as possible. This holds true even if you do not owe the debt in question. If you do not respond, the debt collector might continue with collection efforts, send negative information to credit bureaus, and even begin legal proceedings.

If you use our services, our experts take care of all your debt validation woes. You can then trust us to do what’s required in a timely, transparent, and completely legal manner.

Obligations of Debt Collectors
Debt collectors in California have to abide by different regulations of the FDCPA. Among these include sending a written notice with the creditor’s name and the debt’s outstanding amount within five days of making initial contact.

The notice you receive should also inform you that:

Unless you dispute the debt within a 30-day period, the creditor will assume it is valid.

If you dispute the debt, you stand to receive a copy of the judgment or information about the debt’s verification.

If you provide a written request within the stipulated time, you will receive the original creditor’s name and address – if it is not the same as the collector.

Once you dispute a debt or ask for the original creditor’s name and address, the collector needs to cease all collection activity until it provides the requested information.
How Our Debt Validation Experts Can Help
  • You do not recognize a debt
  • You think that the amount owed is incorrect
  • You feel it is not your responsibility to repay
  • A debt has been previously discharged under bankruptcy
What Happens After Sending a Debt Validation Letter?

Once a collector receives a debt validation letter from us, it can either validate the debt or cease collection efforts. If it stops trying to collect, it may pass the debt to another debt buyer or to the original creditor. In case a collector can verify a debt, it may resume collection activity. If it cannot validate the debt, it needs to stop collection efforts.

Remember that you do not have to fight your debt alone. Our attorneys have already helped numerous people deal with debt legally, and they can guide you in the right direction as well. Contact us now and get your first consultation for free.

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