Debt Relief

A number of honest and hardworking people end up facing financial problems because of different reasons. While filing for bankruptcy might work for some, not everyone who wishes to combat huge debts needs to walk down this path. In several cases, debt relief provides just the relief people need.

If you feel you might benefit by going the debt relief way, our highly experienced attorneys can provide just the help you need.

How Debt Relief Works
If you are unable to keep up with monthly repayments of your unsecured debt, debt relief
might work well for you. Once you choose to use our services, we work in resolving your existing debts by negotiating with your creditors individually. More often than not, we are able to arrive at lump sum relief’s that are significantly lower than the actual amount owed. In many cases, we also negotiate for better payment plans.

The Process We Follow

We provide the same high levels of service to all our clients, which we do by following a streamlined process.
  • A qualified and experienced debt relief attorney reviews your existing financial situation by taking a close look at your income, expenses, assets, and debts.
  • We take your existing budgetary requirements into account and determine how much you can afford to repay.
  • If you can afford to settle a considerable part of your unsecured debt, you may move forward and use our debt relief services.
  • We inform you of the fees you need to pay.
  • We send letters to your creditors, informing them that we represent your case. From this point, you no longer have to talk or interact with your creditors on your own.
  • Your attorney negotiates with your creditors to arrive at a relief.
  • If bankruptcy seems like a more viable alternative, we guide you to an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy.
Why Choose Our Civil Litigation Attorneys?
Our law firm specializes in debt relief and bankruptcy cases. We analyze individual situations carefully before determining the best way forward. Our debt management specialists focus on resolving your debt, either through negotiated relief or bankruptcy, depending on which works better for you. At no point in time do we hold your money in our accounts.
If you have doubts or questions about settling your existing unsecured debt, use the free consultation we provide to make an informed decision. After the free consultation, you are under no obligation to use our services. If you wish to proceed further, we give you a clear indication of the fees you need to pay.
To get your free consultation with an experienced debt relief attorney, contact us now.

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