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If you find yourself engulfed in financial problems, you might want to consider how filing for bankruptcy can get you on the right track again. Once you begin the process, you no longer have to worry about creditors harassing you, and you might also be able to hang on to your personal property. While going down the bankruptcy road might seem daunting to most, seeking assistance from a seasoned bankruptcy attorney is bound to hold you in good stead.


We provide the required bankruptcy-related assistance to individuals and businesses alike. Our highly experienced attorneys help debtors stabilize their troubled finances through the sale of distressed assets. We also help lenders, creditors, and creditor committees in recovering their dues after their debtors file for bankruptcy. Areas that our bankruptcy attorneys specialize in, include, but do not limit to:

  • Filing for chapter 7, 11, or 13 personal bankruptcy
  • Filing for chapter 7 or 11 business bankruptcy
  • Plans of reorganization
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Out-of-court restructuring
  • Representing assignees, examiners, receivers, trustees, and buyers of distressed assets and properties
Different Types of Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7. This involves a liquidation proceeding. A court-appointed trustee liquidates your non-exempt assets and takes other permitted actions with the aim of attempting to repay your creditors.
  • Chapter 11. This involves a reorganization proceeding. The process involves restructuring of your existing debt, and can be highly litigious, complicated, and expensive.
  • Chapter 12. This option is made available only for “family farmers” and “family fishermen,” and it involves a reorganization proceeding. Chapter 12 bankruptcy comes with debt limits.
  • Chapter 13. Commonly referred to as a wage earner’s plan, Chapter 13 gives individuals with regular sources of incomes the means to formulate plans that can help repay part or all of their debts. It involves coming up with repayment plans where you repay your creditors in installments over a course of three to five years.
Why Choose Our Bankruptcy Attorneys
At Litigation Practice Group, we understand that no one stands to gain from a prolonged bankruptcy process. This is why we strive to bring every bankruptcy case to its logical conclusion as quickly and efficiently as possible. In our years of experience, we have faced just about every type of scenario related to bankruptcy and insolvency. More often than not, our clients benefit through desired outcomes.
No matter what type of financial troubles you might have, consider speaking with our highly experienced attorneys to determine if bankruptcy might be right for you. You may set up your first free consultation online or over the phone.

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